The 9 Best AI Software for Digital Marketing

Most marketers struggle to grasp the intricacies of digital marketing. As one of the most effective means of marketing in the 21st century, it is hard to pass on, and people resort to paying exorbitant amounts to established digital marketing firms.

However, AI is changing the narrative by simplifying digital marketing with software that can handle all the intricacies of digital marketing for people. From creating content to analyzing databases, AI software is versatile and capable of maximizing the full potential of digital marketing for anyone.

Email marketing is an aspect of digital marketing, but drafting email campaigns and responses can be a hassle for marketers. While marketers have a hassle with customizing reply emails for clients,’s software does not. With, you can perform the following actions:

  • A/B testing for your sales messages and replies.
  • Identify the business emails of your leads for direct marketing.
  • Schedule meetings automatically with potential customers.’s Sales Email Assistant is an AI-powered software with advanced language predictions that uses deep learning to generate 100% unique and human-like messages.

With’s AI-powered email assistant, you can generate personalized emails and draft timely responses. For follow-up emails, the software generates a suitable response based on the thread, while it generates new emails using a summary or bullet points based on your instructions.


Scalenut is an innovative tool for marketers looking for long-form content and SEO research assistance. SEO content is what makes certain brands dominate search engine rankings and generate a constant stream of organic traffic, and Scalenut can help you with this.

Simply put, writing SEO-friendly content puts your brand in people’s faces, establishes your brand as a thought leader in your field, wins consumers’ trust, and ultimately increases your ROI.

Scalenut is a powerful tool that streamlines the content planning and marketing process, from generating vital keywords to planning the structure and deploying the content.


Running a business and marketing it all by yourself can be tedious without the help of an AI tool like can help you automatically record important meetings and even write out a transcript with important notes and key takeaways when you need more time to listen to the whole recording.

Among other automation, can help you with the following:

  • Create a search index of your conversations so that you can find keywords easily.
  • Record and transcribe your calls.
  • Organize your transcripts and notes in one central index.

Basically, it helps you save time so that you can handle more critical tasks. allows you to integrate popular productivity apps like Google Calendar and Microsoft Teams so that it can automate your schedule effectively.


Anyword is not just any content writing software. This software uses generative AI for performance writing while retaining your unique brand voice.

Once linked to your website, email, or social media platform, it analyzes all the content you have ever rolled out on that platform and creates content based on your best-performing marketing content, audience, and other pertinent factors.

For marketers or businesses without a landing page, Anyword can create one that aptly represents your brand. It can also take charge of all the postings you need to increase your brand’s social media following.


Writesonic is an effective AI tool for creating content that ranks well in search engine results pages. Using Writesonic is akin to having a content marketing cheat code.

Not only does it boast of an AI Writer that generates fact-checked and well-researched content, but it also analyzes competitors’ websites and lays the groundwork for search-engine-optimized content. Writesonic can help you generate the following:

  • Detailed product description.
  • Analysis of competitor websites to draw outlines for your content.
  • Written content backed with facts and research.

In essence, Writesonic is an AI-powered one-stop shop for all your content needs. It is the go-to software for students, bloggers, content strategists, freelancers, and modern marketers. Writesonic understands that collaboration is very useful in assessing content, so it has impressive tools that enhance collaboration if you are working with a team.


Understanding the hidden depths of data is the pathway to improving customer satisfaction, predicting trends, customer retention, and targeting while minimizing operational costs and maximizing profit.

Splunk Enterprise can cover all of these and more for you. It is a digital platform that helps businesses collect, process, manage, visualize, and analyze big data and machine data.

It is an indispensable instrument for marketing agencies and organizations that need to understand their target audience and the means through which they provide their needs. Simply put, Splunk Enterprise analyzes all your brand’s data in a similar way a data analyst would.

If you are unsure whether Splunk has what you need to make your band grow, you can always interact with its digital assistant, that can give you straightforward answers regarding the software’s capabilities.


Growthbar SEO is an all-in-one tool for your content marketing. While curating content for your brand’s marketing is relatively simple, optimizing it for a good search engine ranking can be tiresome. Without an intuitive tool like Growthbar SEO, you may spend hours or days auditing your content, so that the right audience can find it.

While other SEO content marketing tools can quickly provide what should be in your product writeup, Growthbar highlights what other brands and businesses do not have in their writeups. With this intel, Growthbar creates content that leverages these lapses and makes your content stand out and gain traction to solve consumers’ unanswered questions.


When it comes to converting text to visuals for your ad campaigns or social media posts, Invideo is the AI tool for you. While written content and sales copy can yield good conversions for your brand, video marketing can appeal to a new market for you.

Even if you are unsure about the type of video content that suits your business, you can look through Invideo’s numerous content templates for different industries.

With Invideo, you can simply type in prompts to generate related video content and edit the video with your images or logos. However, you can save time by using Invideo’s all-in-one text-to-video editor to convert your whole blog post or sales copy to a video.

Digital Marketing Made Easier With AI

AI resolves the intricacies of digital marketing for everyone. Leading AI software for digital marketers makes marketing seamless, from setting up a landing page to creating an ad campaign and conversing with clients in more technical areas. With these tools, anyone can quickly become a digital marketer and gain more conversions.