Liquid dispersion technological know-how to start with phase in reworking organization product

It is our see that Japan is at a really exciting time for production. On just one hand, we have experienced main provide chain disruptions in the final three yrs, induced by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as rigidity from the China-US decoupling circumstance. As a outcome, we are seeing quite a few multinational teams test to diversify their provide chains with a concentrate on trustworthiness. This is where by Japan can enter a nation acknowledged for decades of large trustworthiness, trustworthiness, and limited lead instances when it arrives to manufacturing. Now, with a depreciated JPY, it is our watch that there is never ever been a more opportune second for Japanese manufacturers to satisfy the pressing needs of this macroeconomic atmosphere. Do you concur with this premise, and why or why not?

I concur in principle with your sentiment but there are some problems. The to start with of class is the depreciation of the JPY, and even though exporting it is a gain. On the other hand, thanks to COVID-19, it is hard to reap the profit since of the rising shift again to the domestic marketplace.

Also, lots of of the products we use in our business enterprise are manufactured in China, and now with the depreciation of the JPY, the price tag of the elements have become increased and it’s 1 of the explanations for our small functionality.

We are in the method of examining our whole company in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic so that we can emphasis our investments on locations that will assistance assistance the sustainability of our business.

In addition, the higher-stop pigments that we use are predominantly produced by overseas providers. As I pointed out earlier, the value of pigments has risen due to the weak yen, so it can be challenging for us to benefit from the depreciation of the JPY.

A characteristic of the Japanese marketplace as a whole is that it is not usually effortless to transfer expense improves to our shoppers.  We are negotiating with our shoppers to transfer price raises and have succeeded in some of them, but the relaxation of the price that could not be transferred has to be absorbed by ourselves.


The Japanese population is the oldest a person in the globe now, with a declining demographic line owing to minimal start premiums. Proper now there are two prominent difficulties, all those currently being the labor crisis and the shrinking domestic current market. What are some of the difficulties you are seeing due to this demographic change and how is Nippon Pigment reacting to individuals difficulties? In your opinion, do Japanese firms will need to glimpse abroad as a way to protected very long-phrase company sustainability?

You are right, and if our enterprise is not equipped to safe plenty of of a workforce, we are not able to sustain the company by itself. Very first, what we are carrying out is acquiring a great place of work environment for personnel. We are introducing inclusion and more range into the workforce, indicating the introduction of male, feminine, and international workers. In purchase to create this level of diversity we need to simplicity the stress of physical perform, and in this circumstance, automatic devices can aid tremendously.

The production industry as a whole utilized to be fully male-dominated, but we are now attempting to recruit woman workers as well by creating a good doing work atmosphere, so that it is safe and sound for all of our operators. In overseas producing amenities, we are making an attempt to facilitate overseas personnel performing hand-in-hand with Japanese staff. We are also hoping to raise the work of international staff in Japan.

One particular illustration I would like to spotlight is the automation of the manufacturing facility of our affiliated corporation in China. With the introduction of automation, the productivity of  the facility has now turn into about 7 times a lot more than our facility in Japan.  Although a easy comparison can not be built since of the distinction in buy loads,  the production volume of our Japanese facility for each human being per month is about 10 tons, but in the Chinese facility, it is 60-70 tons although also sustaining the exact same quality.

The Chinese facility produces larger sized order lots and that is a prerequisite for these kinds of efficiency and we can use automation additional.

In Japan, on the other hand, we can not have that massive a quantity mainly because the products and solutions are more custom made for every customer, but we have tried to change in that way as significantly as doable.


You outlined before that your firm is likely by way of a evaluation approach to aim on parts that can help the sustainability of your corporation. Can you elaborate a little more and notify us which parts you are at the moment concentrating on?

Especially, the compound production that is consigned by other businesses in the region we are heading to review. In phrases of production places as nicely as volume, the business has experienced the intention of examining even ahead of COVID-19. This is the most effective time to do that. Rather, we would like to target extra on our strengths, this kind of as liquid dispersion.


Your dispersion technological innovation has quite a few uses in numerous industries. Which would you contemplate to be your main market place with this technology and are there any new markets you are prioritizing going ahead?

Our aim for the long term is going to be the automotive industry. As you are without doubt informed, the automotive sector is going as a result of a drastic alter right now with the shift to EVs. The electric power supply of the auto has altered from the motor to electrical energy. To use an analogy, it is like an electric powered appliance  with wheels. The EV body’s excess weight will be reduced by employing additional plastic

For liquid dispersion, the following concentration will be the metal material area of the semiconductor sector mainly because by working with our mixing technologies this individual space could be a focus on. For us, power semiconductors will be a large interest and we are doing work on establishing die bonding elements for power semiconductors. We would like to retain checking this exciting sector as it carries on to mature.


The need for sustainable options is on the increase as people today come to be a lot more environmentally mindful. Can you elaborate on how Nippon Pigment is aligning its approaches with world wide SDGs?

This matter is just one that no company can avoid, so of study course our initially precedence is to produce products that are environmentally sustainable, for case in point applying biodegradable plastics. We are using them already on the other hand that is in definitely constrained volumes at this time. Generally speaking we are nevertheless employing normal plastics. In line with these initiatives, we are working parallel kinds such as minimizing electricity use, minimizing waste and raising produce. A further is the reduction of electricity intake, and all of these initiatives are based mostly on the ISO 14000 which is a relatives of specifications by the Intercontinental Group for Standardization similar to environmental management. In Indonesia, our subsidiary company  is engaged in mangrove plantation pursuits as an initiative to boost environmental problems.

As the president of this enterprise, what do you imagine to be the aggressive pros of your agency that established Nippon Pigment aside from your competition?

I consider it all facilities all-around our dispersion technological know-how. We never basically generate that extensive a variety of chemical items, relatively we market the processing technological know-how and that is what I take into consideration to be our energy. The idea of possessing a close connection with our clientele and understanding their mindset is a little something we excel at.


In the course of several interviews we have executed, corporations have normally stressed how challenging it is to sustain high quality outdoors of Japan simply because the mentality of work is diverse from location to area. You stated that you promote processing technological know-how, and we know that you have numerous locations exterior of Japan. How do you ensure that your overseas factories maintain the very same level of high quality that you deliver in Japan?

Preserving that degree of high quality is critical to us and we do this by managing each individual facility through our mother facility in Japan. Let’s say that we make a new product or product or service that product will be to start with examined in Japan wherever protocols and requirements are set. These are sent to all of the devices in other spots so that they can recreate the correct very same product in their services. These products are then tested and checked meticulously to make certain the excellent matches our strict specifications. In addition, we have a quantity of Japanese engineers living at each of our areas to make certain standards are met.


What is the recent concentrate of your R&D ideal now and are there any new solutions or developments that you would like to showcase for us today?

Japanese providers are likely to see a minimal bit farther down the road when it will come to expenditure than US businesses. In our scenario, that is in liquid dispersion technological innovation. By intense investments in the metallic materials area of semiconductor production,  we would like to make it a core pillar of our long run small business. This is why we crafted our new facility in Saitama in 2018.

This facility is creating shade filters for LCDs and liquid dispersions for semiconductors. Some of these are in the market now but not all of them. We are striving to enhance our item lineup in the foreseeable future.


Several interviewees have described to us the significance of partnerships as a way of penetrating new marketplaces. What position do partnerships enjoy in your enterprise design and are you seeking for any new companions proper now as you grow in overseas marketplaces?

At this stage in time, we are not on the lookout for any associates but the relevance of associates is 100% true. Without having partnerships, we can not really maintain big abroad operations. Our partnerships in Korea and Indonesia have labored really productively and we are incredibly grateful for the great associations we have in those areas. In buy to establish these fantastic partnerships, obvious conversation is essential because cultures and areas are so distinctive from 1 yet another. Popular comprehending is a should in purchase to make this sort of partnerships a success.


You described earlier a concentrate on the domestic market, but wanting at your economical success from the previous 2-3 yrs we noticed a 50% drop in turnover domestically. Conversely, in Southeast Asia, you jumped from JPY 7 billion to JPY 13 billion in turnover over the same time period of time. Could you describe to us this fall in Japan and advancement in Southeast Asia?

Initial, the decrease in profits in Japan was due to the software of new accounting standards.

As for the progress in revenue in Southeast Asia, it indicates that our company in all those international locations is increasing. In our business enterprise design, the main system of Nippon Pigment does not offer products to those people international locations, but essentially transfers engineering from Japan and has it manufactured and offered domestically.

For example, our business in Indonesia is escalating, and whilst it does not contribute to our sales quantity in Japan, it sales opportunities to gains for the complete team.

We are also planning to transfer the technology for our product, Masterbatch, to Indonesia for creation and sales in Indonesia.


Shifting forward are there any new regions or countries that are the goal for long term growth into and what tactics will you hire to do so?

It truly relies upon on the sorts of opportunities that arrive up, but I will say that ideal now we have no intentions of heading to new marketplaces for our compound or The Masterbatch organizations. We are centered on liquid dispersion right now and the target for that is Korea and Asia location and that will be through our latest associate we have there.


Think about that we occur again in two years and have this job interview all above all over again. What objectives or goals do you hope to obtain by the time we occur again for that new job interview?

I would like to get a very good analysis of our liquid dispersion technologies, which will be the first move in reworking our organization model. In two years’ time, I would like to see some results from our examining course of action.