Gog Games Summer Sale 2022 with free Sanitarium game and discounts

The Gog Summer Sale 2022 runs from June 6th to June 27th. Gamers from all over the world may buy most of the games that are available on Gog at a discount of up to 90%. Those who check in early may grab a free copy of the adventure game Sanitarium on top of that.

Gog is best known for its selection of classic computer games that it has prepared to run on modern systems. You may purchase games from the 80s, 90s and newer decades on Gog, and all of these are delivered without DRM to gamers.

The store is home to modern games as well, as many independent games and also some triple-A games are available on the platform.

This year’s Summer Sale has something special to offer: collections for each of the decades starting with the 80’s collection. While you can still browse all games that are on sale, some gamers may like the idea of browsing games released during their childhood.

We list five or ten game recommendations here during Summer Sales, but this time, we thought it would be a good idea to list two games per decade instead to mix things up a bit. Feel free to highlight your game recommendations in the comment section below:

80’s Games

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  • Indiana Jones and the last Crusade ($1.86) — of all Lucas Arts adventure games, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is probably my favorite. While I do have fond memories of most of them, with the exception of Loom probably, I enjoyed the hunt for the holy grail the most.
  • Pirates! Gold Plus ($1.79) — Pirates was the game that got me into history. You start with a small ship and crew for one of the major nations of the time. Besides the usual pirating activities, such as looting cities, capturing merchant ships, selling your loot and hiring new crew members, you are looking for lost family members and a fabled treasure. So much to do, so little time before retirement.

90’s Games

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  • Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete ($2.49) — Homam III is considered one of the best parts of the series. It is a strategic game with tactical turn-based combat. Play several campaigns, hire fantasy troops, capture towns, defeat enemy heroes with your troops and magic, and improve your strongholds on each of the maps.
  • Star Wars: Dark Forces ($1.86) — The game has not aged too well, but is made a bang when it first came out. The shooter had great visuals, different weapons, and a story that you played through. Other than that, it plays a lot like Doom with a Star Wars theme.

00’s Games

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  • STAR WARS: Knights of the Old Republic ($3.06) — Probably the best roleplaying game in the Star Wars universe. There is also Knights of the old republic II, which makes some improvements to the game, and Star Wars The Old Republic, a massively multiplayer game. Swotor used the same mechanics as the Baldur Gates series of games. You level up the main character and party, find better equipment, visit different worlds in the universe and fight hordes of enemies. Lots of fun, very interesting story.
  • Jagged Alliance 2 Wildfire ($1.79) — Excellent strategy game about a group of mercenaries hired to destroy a drug cartel. Hire mercs with personality and traits, and enjoy map after map of classic turn-based tactical gameplay.

10’s Games

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  • The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt ($6.41) — A highly rated roleplaying game in the Witcher universe for a mature audience. Compelling story and lots of things to do in the world. If you like story-rich roleplaying games, this one is worth a try.
  • Terraria ($5.32) — One of my favorite games of all time. Terraria has so much content that you’ll spend weeks and months playing it without having seen it all. It is an action game with roleplaying and survival elements.

20’s Games

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  • Cyberpunk 2077 ($32.05) — The game is a lot of fun, if your PC has enough power. I played this on a PS5 after the 1.5 update, and it played really well. The game has its quirks, but it is fun to play, especially since it is one of the few cyberpunk games out there. You will be shooting bad guys for the most part, but the game does have some roleplaying elements, interesting quests and sidequests, characters and neighborhoods to explore.

Now You: found another game that you can recommend wholeheartedly?


Gog Games Summer Sale 2022 with free Sanitarium game and discounts

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Gog Games Summer Sale 2022 with free Sanitarium game and discounts


Here are nine game recommendations for you. You can buy all nine of the games at a discount, and many more, at the Gog Summer Sale 2022.


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